Bored and started to write a story lol

My body starts to quake, and my heart beat is getting more rapid by the minute. I open my eyes and realize I’m back in my room at home, and he’s not there. He’s not there to haunt my every thought and stalk my every move. Feelings of tranquility rush through me and I leap up in joy from my comfortable bed. My bright phone screen reads 7: 02 am, it’s Friday and tonight is the school dance I’ve been waiting for. I rush to get ready and go downstairs to see Mom making eggs and bacon and Dad at the kitchen table helping Cameron with multiplication flashcards.

“Okay, 12 times 11,” Dad holds up a flashcard and Cameron looks at it with curiosity.

“This is impossible,” Cameron whimpers.

I grab two pieces of bacon and head out the door. As I get into my car, his face appears in my rear mirror and I nearly scream at the top of my lungs.

“It was self defense!!!!” I start hyperventilating, look in the rear mirror and his face was gone.

I slap my cheeks and turn on my radio and head to school, ignoring my encounter with him. School is going by slow, all I want to do is go home and get ready for the dance. When I get home I immediately start to get ready. As I’m doing my makeup, he appears in the reflection of my mirror and I fall to the floor.

“Leave me alone!!!!!!” I belt out.

“Maddie?” My mom comes up to my room, “who are you yelling out?”

Then he was gone. Confusion and frustration fill my whole body, why does the boy keep appearing out of the blue? Is he here to haunt me for my sins? I quickly shake these thoughts out of my head and finish up getting ready for the dance. I slide on my dress on, and head downstairs where my date, Tommy is talking to my dad, we awkwardly take those basic “candid” pictures, and then leave for the dance.

“Maddie, you look so beautiful tonight,” Tommy says in the midst of an awkward silence.

I look at him and bite my lip and he smiles. Tommy and I have always had chemistry and everyone knows it, he’s a real gentleman. We go the dance for about a solid twenty minutes and then leave straight to Erika’s house for the after party. I change in Tommy’s car and we head in. Music is bumping and there is people from my grade all around her basement. At the bar, there is multiple bottles of vodka and I decide to help myself to a mixed drink. I grab bacardi pineapple and sprite and start downing it, then I make myself take a shot of 99 bananas and I try to go find Tommy, but instead I run into the perviest kid I know, Kevin Walters.

“Maddie you look like you’re having fun,” he smirks.

“Do you know where Tommy is?” I slur.

“Nope, but you wanna go smoke outside? It will only take like five minutes in my car,”

“Okay,” I say.

We go out to his car and I slide into the passenger seat, it’s a foggy night and the only light source we have is the dim streetlight in front of Erika’s house. Kevin starts to take out his weed and lighter, and I find my head getting very heavy.

“I don’t think I should be smoking, I’m pretty drunk, and I need to find Tommy,” I barely get that sentence out without sounding half stupid.

“You’re not leaving this car,” Kevin grabs my thigh and I quiver.

“What are you doing?” My head starts spinning, my heart starts racing, and my whole body starts sweating.

“You’ve been a tease from the start of 10th grade, Mad, you know what I mean,” He says.

I feel myself wanting to throw up, but my mouth is so dry I can barely even produce saliva. I try to break free from the car, but he grabs my whole body. He is a lot stronger than I think.

“Stop fighting it, damnit!! Get in the back right now.” He demands.

I start to cry out and he grabs my mouth and covers it. I climb in the back, sobbing, and he rips my leggings in half. Why me? I didn’t do anything to this kid and now I’m his victim in his evil plan to assault me. He’s about to do it when I spot a pocket knife in the back side door cup holder. Without thinking, I grab the knife.


Thank You Mr. Holmes(Cadet Teacher)

Dear Mr. Holmes,

         I am beyond thankful to have been apart of your classroom these past 3 years, as both a student and a cadet teacher for you. You always will be one of my all time favorite teacher. I have learned and remembered so many concepts you have taught me over the years and for that I am forever grateful. Your teaching skills and methods have helped many kids succeed when they thought they couldn’t. I have watched as an outsider this semester how much all of your students adore you and how comfortable they are being themselves in your classroom and with you and that is so important to all high school students. Elliot and I will surely miss being around you and all the students we have grown to love. I hope you stay successful in this career because you are truly an amazing educator and friend to all. I will for sure come visit you in the distant future and have some fun college stories and experiences to share with you!

Best wishes,

Jilly Hayes

Kodak Concert Experience 

Last Saturday night, I went to Kodak Black at the Pageant. It was fun and all but it was not what I was expecting. The mosh pit was crowded with teenagers and smells of marijuana and vapor cigarettes everywhere. There was people making out and grinding and being all sloppy and acting like they had just taken 10 shots of whiskey. I was with my boyfriend and there was some creeps there trying to hit on me all over while I was with my obvious boyfriend. Kodak was a short odd looking dude and didn’t look anything like I pictured. He was lip syncing and dancing really horribly and only played around 10 songs then left. Then we waited for our uber outside in the cold while I wore a skort and a sleeveless shirt so I thought I contracted hypothermia. So yeah it was an interesting night to say the least. 

I’m sitting across him

I’m sitting across him and it’s just great. Finally a guy I can be myself with, no makeup no nothing. He is all I could want and I know I’m young but damn it feels good to be with the right guy for once in my teenage, short lived life. He’s sitting across from me, and he doesn’t even know I’m writing this blog about how greatly and positively he has impacted these last couple months. He’s my first breath of fresh air from being previously in the ocean, waiting for an escape. 

People need to mind their business 

I am so tired of people sticking their nose in my business when they are not apart of the Convo like please butt off and mind yo own! It’s not any of your concern. Also it really pisses me off when they hear shit then tell the whole world something personal about them. It’s just rude and disrespectful. Oh and the best is when it’s not even true about you like wow I didn’t even know that about myself. People are just shit heads for no reason at all. It makes no sense. Be kind to everyone cuz you never know what they struggle with daily. It’s so simple yet people always seem to find a way to be a douche bag and make others feel like shit. No empathy. I’ll never understand. 

New rule at school???

I’m about to rant cuz this is some bullshit that we can’t have food delivered to us cuz I always ordered mac n cheese and grilled cheese from Bread Co and now ya girl has to get whatever gross thing is in the cafeteria on that day???? I don’t think so!!!! I am heated. This is stupid like what is the harm of kids ordering good food to be brought to school? I’m not gonna run out of school and never return I just want some damn bread co! 

Seeing the reals 

Now that I’m approaching my last semester of my high school career, I have found out who is real and who is faker than cold hard plastic. I only have a couple real friends who I know will love me unconditionally with all my quirks and flaws and imperfections. I have found that those people are the people that I thrive off of. Who I need to live a healthy life and be the best I can be. Fake friends make me feel like shit and I eventually self destruct. Staying with the reals and I definitely see the reals