Meeting my Best Friend This Summer 

Every summer, I work at summer camp in Lesterville, Missouri. It’s called Camp Taum Sauk and I’ve been going there ever since I was little. Past generations of my family have gone as well. My great uncle, my aunt, my mom, and now my brother, my cousins, and I go every summer. This year, I met someone new. Katie. She kept to herself at first and seemed lost because she knew no one. As soon as I started to talk to her though, we instantly had a connection. I realized she was just like me. Crazy and not afraid to be herself. I finally felt like I had found someone who I could mindlessly tell everything to, who I could cry with or laugh with about anything and everything. She was a blessing in my life and I was so glad she had come to camp. She goes to Pattonville, which is relatively far from here, but the distance does not stop us from seeing each other almost every weekend. I have become close with her friends and they are awesome. (No wonder she fits in so well with them!) she met my friends and they all really liked her. That’s just the kind of person she is, likable, funny, easy to talk to, and low maintenance. She doesn’t give two shits about how she looks or dresses and she always looks so pretty still. I love her mom and how I feel so at home when I’m around her. If I hadn’t met her I would be lost. I love her so much like my own sister and I hope college comes around and we’re still best friends visiting each other as much as we can. She’s gonna be one of my future bridesmaids for sure!! 


While not working or doing school assignments, Jilly can be found adventuring with her friends or sleeping. Raised by two parents from large families, she is no stranger to talking in front of large groups of people. Although she was proficient social skills, she’d rather pick up a pen and write.

Visiting Mizzou

This weekend, I visited my brother at Mizzou and it was so much fun. He has his own apartment now with two roommates, Quinn and Andrew. They are both very nice and very similar to my brother. So, on Saturday, we woke up at 8 am, got ready for the game, and headed to Columbia. I brought along my friend Rachael Kolombus, who graduated from Marquette last year, and she is a lot of fun. So we got down there and went to meet my brother, his roommates, and their families (it was family weekend)  at our tailgate spot. Then, Rach and I went to go meet my friend Josh Goodman at his frat’s tailgate. He is in AEPi, and we got to hang out there for a little. But the whole day, it was RIDICULOUSLY hot, like 94 degrees. Because of this heat, we only stayed at the game for a quarter, the heat was so unbearable. Then, we went out to eat at Addison’s, but we had to wait like 2 hours because every restaurant was jam packed with families and relatives of Mizzou students. After that, we went to Harpo’s with my family for a little. Then, we went back to my brother’s apartment and my parents left and they stayed at a separate hotel for the night and we stayed with my brother. So, him and his roommates decided we should go to a party, but the whole time we were there, I felt awkward because I was the only one there in High School! YAY!

How I deal with missing my friends

I have a lot of friends that left for college, live in a different state, or even 30 minutes away that I never get to see. And everyone gets the feeling of missing someone and not being able to do anything about it and it is the absolute worst. But what I do is no matter how I am feeling, I text them and reach out to them to see if they’re okay. Just knowing what is going on in their life in really important to me and even though maybe I won’t be able to see them for a while, I know that they are okay and doing well, or the opposite so that I can be a good friend or shoulder to cry on if they need support. My friend, Maddie Peskind whom I met at summer camp, is in college right now in Oregon, and I miss her so much. I try my best to stay in contact with her though because knowing that she’s doing well makes me feel like a great friend. It takes ten seconds out of your day to text someone “How have you been?” and just like that, you could be making one of your friends that you’re missing feel a lot better if they’re having a hard day or tough time. My parents always taught me to have empathy for others and especially when my close friends come to me with a problem, I step inside their shoes and evaluate the situation and then give the best advice I can.

First Senior Skip Day

On Monday, September 11, I skipped school. Yes, I know I am sorry to all of my teachers who are reading this now. But I actually had a very productive and fulfilling day. I got to catch up on sleep because I have not been getting the sleep I really need. After homecoming, I had the after party for my friends, so I can to clean all the trash and vacuum and mop all the gross residue left in my basement. Then, I brought my mom her favorite lunch, a honey chicken teriyaki sub from Subway and ate lunch with her up at Selvidge, since she is the librarian there. I got to go see all of my old teachers and chat with them about how my life has been going since I last saw them, which has been a long while. Afterwards, I went back to my house and hung out with my good friend, a freshman in college named Rachael. She is super funny and she goes to Meremac so we get to see each other a lot and she’s going up to Mizzou with me this weekend. Then, I got ready for work and my mom got the mail and inside was my acceptance letter to Mizzou! I’m so thrilled. No more ACT!!! I will finally be at school with my cousin who lives in Overland Park and my brother, who I miss dearly. I think this day off yesterday was necessary for me to take some time for me and catch up on homework and sleep for sure. Senior Skip day is a great thing. (Sorry Mr. D).


Every year, the junior and senior girls compete in a flag football game while the senior guys wear tight ass shorts and girl clothes and put on a halftime routine. Then afterwards, it’s a tradition for the junior girls to tee-pee the seniors, and for the seniors to tee pee the juniors. And let me tell you, people go all out for this. Buying shaving cream, glitter, toilet papers, cereal, maxi pads, street signs, rubber bands, and anything else funny to put in people’s yard. There’s around thirty five girls in our grade that all come together to make a list of junior girls to hit,  find out all their addresses, and make a route for our attack. The craziest thing that happened last year was a neighbor of a house we were hitting pulled a gun on us and threatened us, it was quite scary. But this year, we are seniors, and out for blood. Don’t get me wrong, we never would damage anybody’s house, we are just using harmless things to make their houses stand out. I am not exactly sure how and when this tradition was brought about, but it sure is a hell of a time. I think I went to sleep at like 3 am last year, and this year, I’m not sleeping. I’m drinking a monster energy and going crazy. I’m driving 5 of my friends so were gonna have so much fun. Senior year only happens once, and homecoming week’s events are always so fun, so I wanna make it last!